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My research is focused on computer networks with particular interests on integrating novel architecture & functionality into network systems. We work on topics related to embedded design for network security and traffic measurement on FPGA and Network Processors.

Packet Processing on Stream Architecture

Stream processing architectures have been proposed as efficient and flexible platforms for network packet processing. This is because packet processing shares many of the same characteristics of media and image processing that motivate stream architectures: little global data reuse, abundant data parallelism, and high computational complexity. Moreover, in comparison with multithread approach, stream architecture provides much lower cost to hide a given amount of latency.

     High-Speed Packet Processing & Measurement

Traffic analysis and measurement are important tasks for the proper operation of IP networks. The accurate estimation of Internet traffic statistics serves as the basis for infrastructure planning, network provisioning, capacity forecasting and accounting. Anomaly detection on worm distribution and prevention of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are also based on the same information. However, as network bandwidth grows exponentially, the scaling of monitoring and measuring capabilities for collecting accurate statistics becomes a critical issue.  Hash-based algorithms are very useful and popular techniques adopted in many high-speed router design. We are exploring these advanced techniques with hardware and architecture support for data reduction and synopsis construction.